Words Of The Week!

PERCUSSION - A musical instrument that you hit or shake.

DRUM - A musical instrument that you hit to make a sound.

Activities Of The Week!

Confetti and Painting

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Holiday Reading

Reading together builds confidence.

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In Music & Nature

Find fun together and in nature.

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Music Makers

Be inspired and get creative with your child.

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Read, Sing and Dance

Read or get active with your kids.

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Set Goals

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Sound and Vibration

Talk about sound and practice listening

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Sound of Music

Read with you child. Check out an audio book.

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The Ripple of Sound

Activities with sound and water.

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Latest News

Music is the food of life…

Take advantage of books with beautiful illustrations and ask questions that let your child reply with longer sentences. Instead of asking “What is this?” “What color is it?” “Is this a dog or a cat?”, ask things like: “Tell me what’s happening in this picture” or “What are some of the the things that this […]

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Review old favorites…

This week, talk to your child about books that you’ve read together. If you read, We’re Going On a Bear Hunt, ask questions about all the places the family had to go through. Doing this helps children with memory but more importantly, the sequences of events: what happened first, next, and last.

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